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What is the
Ancestral Medicine Clinic?

This donation-based community clinic was created to bring more access to cultural and energetic integrative wellness modalities. We work with established and highly skilled practitioners who practice various ancestral traditions, energetic cleansing and wellness services. In addition, we offer divination in its various forms by readers of tarot and oracle cards, cowrie shells as well as channelers.

The minimum suggested donation is $44 per session but no one is turned away! Your donations help us to keep this offering accessible. To make a tax deductible donation to support our work please contact us via phone or email. Your support is appreciated!


To book a session with Ancestral Medicine Clinic, scroll down to view our Practitioners and Readers or call 303-295-0101.


Alchemy Practitioners - Rebel.png

Rebel Waters
Usui Reiki + Oracle Readings
Sundays, 1-5pm

Meet Rebel, a compassionate Oracle card reader whose readings are prescriptive, not predictive. Seeking guidance in an aspect of your life? Rebel’s readings can help you make decisions, break free from obstacles, and reveal what you need to know to manifest the life you desire. Step into the realm of empowerment and transformation as Rebel guides you on your journey towards a fulfilling and purposeful existence.


Usui Reiki with Rebel Waters. A powerful light worker and spiritual guide, Rebel Waters empowers clients to live fully in their body while helping them to connect to their authentic self.

Alchemy Practitioners - Marisabel.png

Marisabel Lavastida
Tarot Readings
Alternating Mondays, 2-6pm

Marisabel Lavastida (she/her/ella) is an intuitive Tarot reader, Activist and Collage Artist from Venezuela raised in Miami, FL. Marisabel now lives in Denver, CO where she has grown her professional Tarot practice. She has been reading for 8 years and grew up watching her father do the same. Marisabel is passionate about education and being of service to others. Book a 45 minute Tarot Reading every other Monday from 2-6pm.

Alchemy Practitioners - Beverly.png

Beverly Castenda
Ancestral Medicine
Alternating Wed, 2-6pm

Her personal mission is to continue to help bring healing and awareness to herself, her family, her Ancestors and her community. Her grand mission is to bring healing to Mother Earth and all her inhabitants, and to help Humanity to remember the connection they once had with nature, the natural order of co-existing and to return balance to both the planet and Humanity. She is committed to passing down Indigenous Knowledge and Sacred Teachings.

Alchemy Practitioners - Ratu.png

Ratu Marutle
Akashic Records Readings
Alternating Tuesday, 2-6pm

Ratu, is an Akashic Record practitioner and channeler bringing through guidance from your divine counsel for knowledge, holistic wellness, and transformation. With the tool of the Akashic Records we are able to access our true light for the realization that we are already whole, and complete. Ratu specializes in energetically releasing limitations, heart softening, and helping you realize your multidimensional talents. She is open in five different clairs that allows her to bring through guidance and clarity in the specific way someone is open to. She supports you in bringing your light into your body and onto Earth, so that you are able to be in this world and not of it.

Alchemy Practitioners - Maurice.png

Maurice Ka
Cowrie Shell Divination
Saturdays, 11:30am-3:30pm

Maurice is a spiritualist and Olorisha (Oni Sango) initiated to the orisha Sango in 2007 through a blended spiritual inheritance of Afro-Cuban Lucumi and West African Ifa lineages. Drawing from his training in Afro-Carribean Espiritismo that began in 2000 as well as some elements of southern style African American Hoodoo to compliment the cowrie shell divination sessions he provides. His style of “reading” and divination is non-dogmatic, accessible to all (non-religous, religious & spiritual), radically inclusive to all identities in addition to being sex and lifestyle positive. As a result of his formal training as an Olorisha there MAY be offerings to the spirits in addition to cleansings (limpia or a sarayeye) that are recommend for the client, depending on the situation at hand. Recommendations such as offerings and cleansings are left to clients discretion to move forward with or not. Audio/Audio-Visual recording devices are not permitted during sessions but clients are strongly encouraged to bring paper & pen to take notes for their own reference afterwards. His core philosophy centers around assisting people to strengthen their own individual relationships to spirit and supporting everyone to live their best lives. Every Saturday from 11:30am-3:30pm

Alchemy Practitioners - Star.png

Star Callisto
Astrology Readings
Alternating Sundays, 2-6pm

Star (they/them) is a multidisciplinary astrologer & diviner whose practice is ever-expanding. They have been a student of astrology for the past nine years.

Star uses astrology holistically, as a guide to help you find The You at the center of your chart. They believe there are no bad placements, only ones that challenge us to grow. Star works with both modern & traditional techniques, and the tropical & sidereal zodiacs.

Connect with Star across social media platforms at @star_callisto


Alchemy Practitioners - Luki.png

Luki Schultz
Mondays, 12-6pm

Luki offers acupuncture sessions with an emphasis on pain management and womb and reproductive health. Acupuncture is a treatment modality that uses needles to insert into specific points to treat various ailments. In traditional Chinese medicine, practitioners utilize acupuncture according to meridian theory for disease elimination, energy and vitality, and pathogen reduction.

Alchemy Practitioners - Mariah.png

Mariah Bottomly
Ancestral Medicine
Thursdays, 12-6pm

Mariah is the owner of Sacred Expansion Wellness. She is a multifaceted, creative who has fully stepped into her practice after being an educator for over 18 years. She's been broadening, expanding and cultivating her potential. She is Mestiza, an intuitive, and a gifted ancestral medicine keeper, who is deeply rooted in her indigenous (Mexica and Ohkay Owingeh Pueblo) ways and medicines. She incorporates herbalism, alchemy, touch therapy, energy work, limpias, smoke medicine, house blessings, ventozas and much, much more into her practice. She has been trained in many modalities with revered medicine keepers, curanderas, elders, mystics and ritual keepers. She has been called to go to "Her other mother land" to learn the medicine ways of the Celts so that she can help people of European descent remember their own indigenous practices and medicine ways so that they stop appropriating and commodifying indigenous to the Americas medicine ways. You can say she literally "Walks two worlds." She's a full-spectrum doula, whos work includes: Pre-natal, specialized Post-partum, abortion and miscarriage support, transition of life and death rites. Trans birthing bodies are heavily supported in her work as well. She continues to deepen her practices fully, always ready to stand in her power and serve humanity.


China Tolliver- Medium Intuitive Readings
Alternating Fridays, 2-6pm

China (she/her) is an intuitive medium, artist, and activist. As an intuitive medium, China works with the Spirit of your deceased loved one(s) through a direct channel to communicate messages that center your healing. Each session is unique to both the client and Spirit. She believes Spirit brings the messages you need to know more often than the messages you want to hear. China understands intuitive mediumship is an extraordinary opportunity to move through the grief, pain, and loss of a loved one. 


China provides services exclusively for BBIPOC (Black, Brown, Indigenous & People of Color) in the Ancestral Medicine Clinic. China is on Instagram @chinatolliver 

China is unapologetically dedicated to ensuring BBIPOC have access to intuitive mediumship. She prioritizes the dismantling of problematic systems which lead to gross inequity, in Ancestral healing spaces. Because of the intentionality of her practice, she opens her calendar and appointment spaces/availability in her private practice to those not within the BBIPOC community. You can access her private practice at

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